Covid Holidays

The Infamous M isn’t able to be home with family this holiday season – something I’m no stranger to myself – so I really wanted to go out in dolly land.  I had a lot of projects underway, decorations galore, and everything was looking like it was going to come together…

Then I got Covid. 

I’m going to talk about that today, and intersperse it with lovely pictures of my dolls, cuz that’s the kind of freak I am. Anywho, despite being careful and taking precautions, like washing the groceries, re-containering (not actually a word, by the by) everything that couldn’t be washed, and masking up whenever I walk the dog, it still found me.

Another endemic for humanity to try and fend off.

Unlike M, who was asymptomatic, or my brother, who described it as a “three-day-hangover”, I got my arse squarely handed to me.  For the first two days (while I was still testing negative), it was just a sore throat.  I didn’t trust the test.  By day three, it was a full on cough-fest, at which point the test finally told me what I’d suspected. I count that as “day one”, even though it’s technically not.

If I wasn’t shaking with a fever bordering on hospitalization (we had a doctor come out with an IV for fluids and an oxygen mask, I have no memory of this happening but my hubby swears it did, and my skin bore the poked proof), I was coughing.  I coughed so much my throat bled, and my chest hurt every time I reclined more than 45 degrees, so I was forced to try and sleep sitting up.  It was a total clustserfuck.  I have days of missing time, lost in a haze of sleep-deprivation and feverish hallucinations.

That was my life for a full two weeks!  (15 days, 14 nights to be exact)

The Winter Solstice came and went, as did Christmas Eve and Christmas, and all I could do was watch TV, and even that I found exhausting.  I’ve never felt so sick or so drained in my entire adult life, and that includes post-op energy levels. 

Anyway, today is the first day I’ve been able to even think about playing with my dolls again.  Rather than shrugging and saying “it’s too late”, I’ve decided to do a belated holiday post.  Can I really top a holiday post as the very first post of 2023?

I have to say, I love everything about this photo shoot.  I just wish it wasn’t late!  Story of my life.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and, if you read this bitching ramble, my sincerest apologies.

Here are a few bonus shots: