Barbie Styling Heads

Yesterday I got around to tidying up three Barbie Styling Heads that came with the rest of the dolls. I don’t know much about these. They certainly have been a popular toy over the years.

Here is the first one. She is the largest of the three and is marked Mattel 2005 with a large letter B and some numbers inside her head. She is a Fashion Fever Styling Head and there was a matching Teresa head. The two of them could clip together by the looks of it. I found a photo of a boxed pair. According to the description this doll is fifteen inches tall. Her hair was a bit tangled but not too bad. It came up fine after a wash and conditioning.

Doll number two is marked Mattel 2004. She is much smaller and probably one of the eight-inch ones. Her hair is very long and was quite tangled. She’s had a wash and conditioning but her ends are still a bit messy so I might do some more work on her later. She has rooted eyelashes and make up. I’m not sure if some of these embellishments are original or added by her previous owner. I couldn’t find a photo so if anyone knows who she is please let me know.

Our final styling head is another small one and she is marked Mattel 2001. I am not sure if she has had a haircut or not. Her hair at the back is very uneven. It’s also very fine but all it needed was a wash and conditioning. It was pretty easy to tidy up. I thnk her embellishments are courtesy of her previous owner. I haven’t been able to find a photo of this doll either.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick post. I’m working on a couple of others at present and will try to get them out soon.