Doll-A-Day 2023 #24: Happy My Girl

   Today’s doll is one that should have appeared in the last post on our trip. I photographed it the night of that last day I posted about. She’s this lady.

This doll has more names than six dolls! She’s Happy. She’s My Girl. She’s Angel. She’s Beauty Doll. I’m still not sure which name she actually goes by. Nothing comes up when you Google ‘Happy My Girl Doll’. On the other hand, when you Google ‘Angel Doll’, you get every angel doll ever made, and none of them are her.

“The new mainstream productsbeautiful bring you feel different!” “Come quickly to collect this new product with us together!” “Every girl dreams to become a beautiful girl!”

  She’s obviously a Barbie knock off. She’s the same size as a Barbie. She has jointed elbows and wrists, as well as the usual neck, shoulder, and hip joints. It looks like she probably has click bend knees.

  Her face is fairly pretty, and her face paint isn’t bad although it’s pretty simple. That hair looks pretty chincy though.

  I spotted this doll in a London souvenir and candy store. They had some toys, and socks, of which I partook. Socks seemed to be my biggest souvenir purchases during the trip! I got quite a lot of socks. Well, at least socks are useful.

  I also spotted this display in a real estate office window. I’m sorry. It was England. It’s an estate agent.

It says ‘homeowners’, but the bottom floor looks like a dance club, the middle floor is a bar, and I’m not sure what the top floor is. Is that a billiard table or a piano? There is the word ‘arcade’ on the wall to the right. So, not a piano I guess.

 This was quite a big dollhouse too. It must have been more than 3 feet tall, maybe 4.

  That’s the doll for today. Unless Ken manages to find my spare camera battery charger today, I’m reduced to using my phone for pictures after this. I know people do that, but I hate it. I have a much easier time with my camera. In any case, see you tomorrow for another doll.