Va Fashion Doll Club January Meeting

Va Fashion Doll Club January Meeting

My doll club, the Va. Fashion Doll Club, met yesterday on Sunday. Our theme was celebrating Valentines day and having a ‘Barbie Bake-Off’ as well as a small placemat tutorial which was fun. I had stayed so late that I took mine home to do. But it was fun. Our challenge was to bring Barbie in a Valentines day outfit and an apron and all the elements of baking Valentines day treats. 

I chose my Reproduction American Girl? who came with the two outfits, the pajamas and robe and the career girl outfit. I put her in an adorable little reproduction outfit that I had found on ebay and carried alot of my miniature foods. I didnt win the challenge, but I didnt mind, it was alot of fun just to participate. 

So here are the pics from yesterday. Lots of fun.

This was my doll and my display…

My doll again. I loved her look

 Some of the goodies we had to eat for lunch, not everything is here!

The meeting was held at our club presidents home and she always goes all out for every holiday and Valentine’s day is not exception. She still had her snowmen for the winter up and that was in keeping with the cold weather…brrr. This year she decided to do something different and kept two small trees up – one with her Barbie ornaments up and one for Valentines day in her living room with dolls and handmade ornaments. She also had the Valentine’s day Kellys underneath. I also took a pic of her Valentine’s day diorama with her vintage dolls as well as her barbie tree ornaments- it is an inspiration as I want my tree to eventually be pink- right now my small tree is white and resides in my doll room.