Doll-A-Day 2023 #30: Antonio

   Today’s doll: How cute is this little guy?! He’s Antonio.

  Antonio is the cousin of Mirabel, the main character in “Encanto”, whose doll we saw a few days ago.

  Antonio came in the set of four “Encanto” dolls that we have been seeing dolls from for the last few days. The set was a Walmart exclusive, and is still available on line.

  Antonio is supposed to be five years old in the movie. That surprised me a bit, because he seems a little older than five. This doll is about seven or eight inches tall.

 It’s a little hard to measure him exactly because he has this great curly hair.


He has such a cute face, with big brown eyes and a sweet smile.

  Antonio’s outfit closes in the back with Velcro, and is made all in one piece. All of the design, including his vest, neckerchief,  and the cuffs on his pants, is printed on the fabric.

The printing does at least have a lot of detail, with his partially untucked shirt visible in the back.

  He’s wearing little slip on shoes.

  This doll has the same articulation as the other three, with jointing at the neck, shoulders and hips, and arms and legs that can move outward as well as back and forth.

  Antonio is also available in a Target exclusive two doll set, with Mirabel. In that set he wears the outfit from his ceremony where he gets his gift.

There are, of course, loads of other Antonio figures and plush toys.

  Now that we’ve seen all four dolls in this set, let’s see them together. 

  That’s today’s doll. Tomorrow we’ll see another doll from “Encanto”. Emma had been wanting to get that doll, and she did it a couple of days ago, so I could include it in this series. Or, at least, that was her excuse!