Doll-A-Day 2023 #33: Barbie Basics No. 03

Doll-A-Day 2023 #33: Barbie Basics No. 03

   Today we’re looking at a doll that I love. I wish I had this doll. This one belongs to Emma, and she grabbed it from her childhood bedroom while clearing up fire stuff at the house recently. She’s a Barbie Basics doll.

  Remember the Barbie Basics dolls? They were really great dolls. The clothes were fairly simple, but the faces and some of the hairstyles were wonderful.

  For being ‘Basics’, these dolls were pretty extra. 

  We saw Ivy’s Barbie Basics dolls HERE, HERE, and HERE. This particular Barbie Basics doll is  Model #3, from Collection 1.5.

  There were several different face sculpts used for the Barbie Basics dolls.

 This one has the very popular Steffie sculpt.

  Maybe it’s just because she’s been in her box for years, and her curl has relaxed, but her hair isn’t nearly as curly as the picture on her box.

In fact, it’s pretty straight.

It is red though. this is the Barbie Basics doll I would have bought, if I had bought one.

  I have realized that this doll is basically My Melody Barbie with ‘evening make-up’ on. 


Like the other dolls in the line, she is dressed in black.

She has a little hot pink belt for, as they says these days, ‘a pop of colour’.

  Her shoes are also black.

  Like all the Barbie Basics line, this doll has the Model Muse body.

  Did you notice the price on that sticker? Yes, Emma got this doll for $9.94!

Where was I then?!

  That’s today’s doll. Tomorrow is Ken’s birthday, and we will be traveling to Indiana to see a play Ivy worked on the costumes for. But there will be a doll! See you then.