Marvel Legends Spiral REVIEW (X-Men Legends Retro Series 2023)

Marvel Legends Spiral REVIEW (X-Men Legends Retro Series 2023)

Spiral is one of those characters I could have happily gone my whole life without buying an action figure of… if she hadn’t been a playable character in the Marvel vs. Capcom video game series. Playing a few minutes of her as a mediocre character there did what decades of comic book appearances as Mojo’s lackey did not, and I knew I’d eventually indulge in a toy of her. I missed the first Target exclusive version 16 years ago, but the six-armed sorceress is back again as part of this year’s X-Men Marvel Legends Retro series! The 2023 Marvel Legends Spiral figure is shipping now—should you scoop her up in all her many-limbed glory?

Marvel Legends Spiral REVIEW (X-Men Legends Retro Series 2023)

Mojo is one of the few classic X-Men villains I almost never want to see reappear in a new story, so I may have always been a bit biased against seeing the character that serves primarily as his henchwoman, Spiral, show up.

Luckily, her appearances in the Capcom Marvel fighting games eventually won me over, and I was delighted to see this new 2023 Marvel Legends Retro Spiral figure announced. For the first time, Spiral is available as a non-exclusive 6” action figure that anyone can easily order for MSRP, and after opening her toy up and taking it for a review spin, I can heartily endorse doing so.

Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men Retro Series Spiral Figure Packaged

Spiral comes in the popular Toybiz vintage-styled retro X-Men packaging, complete with purple background cardback and original illustration. This is the style of packaging I grew up with as a kid, and I still get a happy tingle seeing its modern revival.

Spiral Legends X-Men Retro 2023 Wave Card Back

The back of the card shows the rest of the wave’s lineup (including the excellent Longshot figure I previously reviewed), as well as giving us a character bio that’s tragically missing from the modern box packaging.

Marvel Legends Spiral Figure and Accessories Hasbro 2023 Vintage

You can immediately see through the bubble that ML Spiral includes a shocking eight accessories—at least 5-6 (if not 7) more than many modern 6” Marvel Legends action figures include. This includes six bladed weapons (five swords and an axe) and two swap-out hands (in case you don’t want Spiral purely with six grasping hands.

Marvel Legends Retro X-Men Spiral 6" Figure Review 2023

I’m grateful for the non-wielding hands, as I think they add a little bit of intrigue and diversity to Spiral’s poses.

2023 X-Men Retro Marvel Legends Spiral Action Figure Photos

Spiral is in her most iconic classic costume (sorry, fans wanting her in X-Force uniform), which doesn’t require a ton of paint deco, but looks great nonetheless. The overlay belt fits decently and has a painted buckle, while her fuzzy white tassel boots and silver on her arms and helmet add enough color to keep things interesting. All of the paint on mine—even the yellow ovals on her upper torso—has been applied masterfully.

Back of Marvel Legends Spiral 2023 6 Inch Figure

Given that Spiral’s primary distinguishing feature is having fox arms, you might be concerned about her articulation scheme. But you shouldn’t be—her full set includes:

—Ball-Jointed Head, Upper Torso and Hips
—SIX Ball-Hinge Shoulders (of a sort)
—SIX Pin-Less Double-Hinge Elbows
—SIX Bicep Swivels
—SIX Swivel-Hinge Wrists
—Pin-Less Double-Hinge Knees
—Swivel Thighs
—Hinged Feet with Rockers

Marvel Legends 2023 Spiral vs. Longshot Mojo Action Figures

I was wary of all that upper body could make the Spiral Legends figure too-heavy, but her joints are all nicely tight and she stands stably in most poses without a hint of falling over.

Spiral Marvel Legends 2023 Figure Review Close-Up

The only piece of articulation that feels sub-par is the head, which is excusably somewhat inhibited by Spiral’s long hair and helmet. Other than an unhelmeted head (NOT a usual look for this character) or some random energy effects pieces, I can’t think of anything that could improve this 6” figure.

X-Men Legends Spiral Retro Figure Review

Overall: This is the first time Spiral has appeared in 6” form in over a decade and a half, and this definitive version of her is likely the last we’ll see for decades to come. The generous spread of accessories, incredible modern articulation scheme and wonderful detailing all amount to the best toy of this character we have ever seen—and likely will ever see. If you have an iota of interest in this character, this is the six inch figure to get while it’s still readily available for retail price.


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