Dollhouse Miniature May 2023 Blind Bags

Dollhouse Miniature May 2023 Blind Bags


Watch the video here.

I have another blind bag opening video for you. Before we talk about
the items that were in those cute little bags I wand to just say I am
sorry for being missing for the last few months. I have been
struggling with both depression and burn-out. I am hoping to slowly
get back on schedule with the tutorials. Please just be patient a bit

onto the blind bags. First a bit of information about what they are
and where I get them. I buy my blind bags from eBay and they come
from China. They are super cheap and a lot of fun to do. It is kind
of like Christmas with all the little packages to open. Depending on
the time time of year they can take a long time to arrive. That is
worst around the holiday season. The set I am opening today was
purchased on April 26th and were expected to arrive
between June 7th and August 3rd. They actually
arrived around May 20th. The cost was around $2.50. They
were listed as “Dollhouse Miniature Accessories” In the past this
particular type of blind bag has resulted in a mix of really cool
minis and a bunch of stuff that is way out of scale or not really
usable without a lot of work.

you are interested in how I look for the blind bags I have a blog
post with screen shots where I take you step by step through how I
look. You can find that post here.

lets look at what I got.


little pumpkin, this I think will be wonderful in a fall table top
decoration of some type. I plan to put it in my box of fall decor
items so that I will remember to do a makeover on it when the time
time comes.




pitcher, this would be really fun to fill if it was made a bit
differently. The open area is only half way down the depth of the
pitcher so it will remain empty. It will however look wonderful in
the dollhouse kitchen. The scale is pretty good so it will go nicely.






tea, this is a bit big but really that much. It would be a large
drink but I do have water containers that are similar in shape that
would be about the same size. The straw definitely needs to be







corkscrew, I love this one, it is so detailed and it looks nice. I
think it would look really nice in a scene with a mine bottle of wine
and some of the wine glasses I have been collecting from the blind







these are probably Barbie size and we have gotten them in previous
sets of blind bags. As part of a costume or as part of a sign they
might work though.





coke bottle, these are always welcome. I love to put them on nearby
surfaces when I set up scenes with the dolls doing something. It just
makes it look more real. They would also look good in the fridge or
in a grocery bag.







pot, this is going to be fun to fill, I have been thinking about
making a few plants and this will be really fun to fill.





bottle of ???, not sure what we will decide to say this is but it
needs a label so we can figure it when the time comes. I’m pretty
sure it is made from the same mold that is used for the wine bottles
so the possibilities are endless.







and glass, these are cute and I don’t remember getting them before.
Will look great in many scenes or to fill the cabinets in the


bottle, this will look lovely in either the bedroom or bathroom. A
bottle of expensive perfume, I do love the bottle. I haven’t
decided it I am going to leave the label or make a custom one at some





are all the things we got together. I am really happy (much happier
than I expected to be) we only got one piece that I probably won’t
use. The rest will be fun to work into the dollhouse as time goes on.

always I do want to sincerely thank all of you for watching my videos
and reading my blog posts. It means so much to me that you are
supporting me in this way. If I could ask you all to do just a bit
more by subscribing to the channel and liking the videos and leaving
comments. Those help more than you can imagine. Also if you could
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