Doll-A-Day 2023 #137: Zwergnase Brooklyn

Doll-A-Day 2023 #137: Zwergnase Brooklyn

   Some of you will remember that a while back Emily, from The Toybox Philosopher, was selling off a lot of her dolls, before moving. Well, lucky me, I became the owner of a few of them, including  Savannah from Maru and Friends, and this kid!

This is Brooklyn. She wasn’t ever featured on Emily’s page, so I get to show her first.

Brooklyn is a Zwergnase Junior doll.  The Juniors are a bit smaller than some of the other Zwergnase dolls.

  She’s almost 20 inches tall. 19.7″ is her official height.

  Zwergnase is a doll company based in Germany. They do wonderful art dolls, all with amazing and interesting faces, and wonderful clothes. Most of them have wonderful wild hair. I would love to have one of those dolls with the crazy clouds of hair and toothy faces. But some of them are over $1000. So I feel very lucky to own Brooklyn. She’s still quirky enough to interest me. 

She’s a somewhat grouchy looking little girl.

She has nice clothes…

Her outfit includes a one piece striped turtle neck and lace skirt combo, navy blue leggings, striped socks, and green suede shoes. She would have originally had a small blue hair bow, but Emily seems to have switched it to a tiny hair clip.

 and a great pair of the trademark Zwergnase shoes…

As well made as real shoes, and undoubtedly more expensive than my own shoes.

… (even though I don’t like that fact that they’re suede. I don’t wear fur, suede or leather myself.), and she has red hair, and freckles.

   Little Brooklyn was designed by Nicole Marschollck-Menzner. Like all Zwergnase dolls, she has a hand painted face.

Look at that face! She’s judging me again!

The higher end dolls have human hair, but that kind of creeps me out anyway. Brooklyn has a Kanekalon wig.

It was very windy yesterday, and I forgot to bring a hair brush, sooo…

She has slick hair, like me, so her hair clip kept sliding down.

 She has five points of articulation: neck, shoulders, and hips.

So she can sit down.
Or play Jump the Stump.

Although she only has those five points, her arms and legs can also swivel in their sockets.

 This allows her to spread her arms wide, and turn her feet and legs so she can stand better. 

And her head can tilt, and look up and down.

Brooklyn came in a maroon felt bag. For some reason I was lazy and didn’t photograph it. I can’t now, as it’s in the car and Ken has gone to work. I left Brooklyn on the car to be taken back to the house. I had him bring her specifically for me to photograph and then he could take her back. I have been waiting so long to get Brooklyn photographed, and I really wanted to do it. I had imagined photographing her in a Fall setting, and for one reason or another, I didn’t manage to the first Fall I had her. We were gone during most of the time I would have done it last Fall, and my leg wouldn’t really have permitted it anyway. So I figured Spring might work too. So yesterday we went to the big park nearby where we used to go on Fun Day, back when we still had time to take one, and watch for deer and other animals, and Brooklyn got her chance.

  Somehow, after waiting so long to photograph her, I feel I haven’t done her justice.

  I don’t know what other setting I would have put her in that would have been better, or shown her off to her best advantage more. But I feel like I should have done more with her. I didn’t bring any props, or elastics so she could hold things. Also, it was so windy that she fell over a few times, and I was afraid she would scuff her face. I just feel like I could have done something better with her pictures.

  But I didn’t, so this is what you’re getting today. Maybe we’ll revisit Brooklyn again sometime. Maybe she’ll get a change of clothes and we’ll look at that someday. See you tomorrow.